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Why we are your choice for general fleet and personal auto maintenance. 

Regular Maintenance is important to the longevity and care of a fleet and or personal vehicle. Servicing, maintaining fluid levels, and oil changes are all instrumental in saving you money and keeping you from being parked on the side of a busy highway.

Don't worry about it, let Capital City Leasing set you up with regular on scheduled maintenance appointments that keep you and your vehicle at optimum performance.


  • Oil changes

  • Oil, air and fuel filter changes

  • Spark plug changes

  • Tire changes and rotations

  • Power steering, brakes, transmissions and fluid changes

  • Heavy-duty drive line repair

Signs You Need a Pro

  • Check engine light or dashboard warnings are lit up

  • You notice oil spots under your vehicle

  • Grinding or squealing when you brake

  • Fluids under your vehicle

  • Growling or humming while driving

  • Screeching under the hood 

  • Vehicle struggles to start or maintain power

Ignoring theses issues will cost you more in the long term, let us help you!
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